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foo’s cafe HINOKI

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Supervisor / Recommender

Hidden vegan cafe in a residential area

A 10-minute walk from Keisei Nishifuna Station. As you walk through the residential area, you will see a sign for foo’s cafe Hinoki, which was renovated from the former house of photographer Kazuo Kitai. When you enter the house, you will be surrounded by a warm atmosphere as if you are back somewhere nostalgic, and you will be drawn into a hidden gem with 12 seats at tables and counters.

This sign appearing on a street in a residential area is a landmark.

This sign appearing on a street in a residential area is a landmark.

The cafe originally started when the owner, Mr. Hiyama, became interested in macrobiotics after he became ill. While studying and preparing his daily meals, he realized the changes in his body as the days went by, and he started the cafe in order to share the wisdom of macrobiotics and vegans. No animal products and only natural seasonings are used. He uses organic vegetables as much as possible, and he focuses on “homemade and safety.” For this reason, he is trusted by macrobiotic and vegan customers, and he has many repeat customers who come by train from far as well as from the neighborhood.

A warm interior with the warmth of wood

A warm interior with the warmth of wood

Twice a week, he also holds cooking classes where you can learn about macrobiotics over a period of six months with prior registration. The classes are designed to help people not only think about eating for health through lectures and practical training, but also to increase their repertoire of delicious vegetable dishes. There are classes for beginners to learn the basics and easy-to-prepare dishes, as well as advanced classes to learn dishes that can be enjoyed around the family table, so you can improve your skills step by step.

The most popular lunch plate of the day is Youlinji(Chinese style deep-fried chicken).

At lunch time, there are many kinds of lunch plates and rice bowl set meals changing daily depending on the ingredients purchased. The most popular plate of the day is the daily special, which offers a variety of dishes every day. Among them, the Youlinji plate with veggie meat is the most popular dish. For children, there is also a deep-fried veggie meat plate without the Youlinji sauce. The plate also comes with brown rice, soup, salad and three side dishes, making it a hearty meal. The side dishes also change daily, but the potato salad with soy milk mayonnaise is a popular choice among customers.

The most popular dish, Youlinji. This is wholesome delicious dish.

The most popular dish, Youlinji. This is wholesome delicious dish.

You can also choose from the lunch plate of the day or the rice bowl set meal for takeout. If you make an order by phone, you can enjoy the hearty meals at home with less waiting time.

Take-out is also very satisfying. You can also enjoy the popular taste at home.

Take-out is also very satisfying. You can also enjoy the popular taste at home.

The cafe also offers a variety of sweets and drinks. The popular sweets are gateau chocolate and muffins. The gateau chocolate is made with tofu, but they have a rich flavor, which does not make you feel eating somthing plain, and the balance of sweetness and bitterness is so good that it is a popular choice among customers. One or two types of muffins are prepared every day, and they are displayed on the counter. You will notice them as soon as you enter the cafe, making you want to eat them. In the fall, they also offer Apple Crunch, a seasonal sweet made with apples. All of the sweets are available for takeout, so if you are full but want to eat desserts, why not take them out and enjoy them at home?

The popular gateau chocolat among sweets items

The popular gateau chocolat among sweets items

In addition to organic coffee and tea, they also offer enzyme juice. The fruit they use changes seasonally, so you can enjoy a new taste every time you visit. On the day I visited, there were three kinds of fruits: amanatsu orange, persimmon, and peach.

The cafe’s recommendation is delicious curry that will make your body and mind happy.

This vegan curry is based on a blend of spices and kombu(sea kelp) soup stock, combined with traditional Japanese food and fermented food to create a balance of yin and yang. The curry is made in such a way that it can be enjoyed peacefully even in Japan which has four seasons, making it the owner’s most popular menu item. The plate comes with a salad and two side dishes along with the curry, but you’ll have to wait until you order to find out what you’ll get. If you are interested in the side dishes that go well with the curry, be sure to order one and try it.

Vegan curry that makes your body happy is one of the specialties.

Vegan curry that makes your body happy is one of the specialties.

Takeaway / Delivery ServiceLunch boxes are available with reservation (reservation in advance by phone is recommended for smooth service). The menu includes various lunch plates and rice bowl set meals (950 yen).
Various sweets are also available for takeout. Delivery for orders through the website and in-store pickup are available.

「 foo's cafe HINOKI」Basic information

Store name foo's cafe HINOKI
Tel 047-431-4455
Address 1-8-27, Innai, Funabashi, Chiba
Business hours

11:30 - 17:00 (Lunch time - 15:00 L.O. 14:30) Dinner 18:00 - 21:00 (reservation only)

Holiday Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, public holidays, and other unspecified holidays

Lunch: 1,500-2,000 yen Dinner: 4,500-5,000 yen

Payment method

Cash, Credit card, Electronic money, QR code

Parking Lot N/A (Coin-operated parking is available nearby)
Language English
Advance reservation

Dinner and private rooms are reservation-only.

Cooking description

Simple explanations are available.


12 seats, Private room, Non-smoking

Store HP
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